DEMI Amateur Radio Club Discount Policy

    1. Furnish Club name and address along with the name, call sign, address, phone number and fax number if available of a contact person. This can be any member of the club but we need one central person to process all orders with.

    2. Established one Ship to address along with method of shipment and a Bill to address if different. We suggest that the Bill to address be the contact person mentioned above.

    3. Minimum order: $250.00 (for parts only), $500 (for kits and parts only) or $1000 (any order that includes assembled products). These dollar amounts can not include any items in section 4.

    4. Discount not available on following items:

    5. Discounts:

    6. Terms:

Even though this is a statement of our policy, there are always exceptions to the rule. Please call and verify prices and availability before ordering. We do reserve the right to change our prices and discounted items. The intention of this policy is to award active clubs and club members with savings over our normal catalog prices. It is more economical for us to process one large order than many small ones with separate ship to addresses. This is why we require one contact person per club and one shipping address. We wish to pass this savings on to your club to help promote activity on the bands and to allow everyone to enjoy their hobby a little bit more.

Thank you and good luck on the bands.