Commercial use of Amateur Products

Although the requests have been minimal in the past, recently we have been asked on a daily basis to provide transmitting equipment for legal, but mostly illegal use in the PCS, Cellular, and ISM bands. We, Down East Microwave Inc., do not and will not sell any transmitting device or power amplifier to anyone other than licensed radio amateurs for the sole intent and purpose of being used for amateur radio communications. The use of our transmitting products other than for amateur radio is a direct violation of FCC rules no mater who you are!!!! Our transmitting equipment is not type accepted and will never be. Adding our equipment to a type accepted system is also a direct violation of these rules. No one can legally include our equipment in a type accepted system, nor would we allow it. To the best of our knowledge, none of our transmitting equipment is in use in a illegal system. If we obtain any information to contradict this, we will attempt to remedy that situation.

Down East Microwave Inc. is in the process of developing new transmitting products to be used by the amateur radio community. Some of these new products will be very enticing to "Wireless LAN hackers" and Marketing rich, Engineering poor start-up companies that think they are developing needed products by using amateur radio designs for the PCS, MMDS, WLL, GSM and ISM bands. If your intentions are anything other than licensed amateur radio operation, DON'T CALL!

Down East Microwave Inc. does understand that the development of the PCS and ISM bands will be pursued. If you have a legal commercial interest in power amplifiers for these bands, please visit Stealth Microwave Inc.  at . Stealth Microwave has a full line of microwave commercial power amplifier products intended for further development and use in the PCS, GSM, MMDS, WLL and ISM bands.

Down East Microwave Inc. does manufacture a full line of LNA's for receive only purposes and distributes antennas manufactured by Directive Systems that may fill some of your laboratory requirements and other commercial interests of the above mentioned bands. Please call with your specifications for a quote on any quantity or type of LNA required or contact Directive Systems for all antenna products directly.

Thank you for reading,

Steve Kostro, President
Down East Microwave Inc.